CCTV & Remote Monitoring Services

CCTV installed in minutes in any location, alarm coverage and 24-hour manned surveillance and response teams

Our T10 CCTV System

Classic Security is the only UK company who can offer the T10 system, originally designed for military use. It’s a flexible, robust and simple system, which uses state-of-the-art technology. And it can be installed in minutes in any location, even if there is no mains power supply or broadband available.

The advantages of the T10

The T10 system is powered from mains power or by 12v battery and it provides video surveillance via broadband or 3G. It’s a system that can be installed permanently or as a temporary security measure and provides a continuous video feed which is recorded off site. Alerts are relayed to the Response Centre in the event of an alarm or intrusion.

How our response works

In the event of an alarm, the system alerts the Classic Security 24-hour Response Centre, where we organise the appropriate response. The system also sends a 20-second video clip of the unauthorised entry to the team. The system can be set up to send you the video clip between designated times. Our 24-hour Response Team includes a security duty manager and mobile response teams.