Motorway Verges & Car Parks

30 years’ experience of maintaining motorway verges and car parks, using the latest technology

Motorway & Road Verge Grass Cutting

Long grass, weeds and overhanging branches can block motorway, road and access visibility, so keeping it neat is a vital safety measure. It’s also important to protect the structure of roads from root damage caused by saplings growing too close to the carriageway. And for motorists, a well-maintained motorway or road gives a more attractive, safer drive and a better first impression of the area.

Experience hand in hand with the latest technology

With cutting contracts with The Highways Agency for the M25 (Junctions 1-16), Heathrow T5 and M4 spur we understand the importance of safety, speed and efficiency. Along with our experienced staff, we use the latest remote-controlled mower which delivers an excellent cut even on steep slopes.

Car Park Line Marking

Faded car park markings can make it harder to park and create a poor impression. We work with small or large car parks and use thermoplastic paint for longevity and clarity. We can also advise on new layouts to maximise space and convenience for drivers.